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Concept Data is a team of consultants with many years of experience in development and implementation of IT solutions that support business. Our key goal is to assist customers in effective enterprise management which complies with security standards and requirements. First and foremost, our collaboration with companies takes the form of partnership. We attentively listen to their needs, we analyse the current situation and we learn about the business context as well as expectations in terms of technology. It is only when we have all the necessary information that we suggest suitable services and products.


We carry out projects for customers from multiple sectors, e.g. banking, insurance, telecommunications, energy and FMCG. We offer IT solutions by the major and most reputable manufacturers from around the globe. We give advice regarding the choice of the solution and then we implement it, we integrate it with the customer’s existing systems, and, last but not least, we also provide training and perform testing.


We specialize in:


  • cybersecurity and management of security policies
  • digital identity management and access to key corporate information
  • automation of business processes
  • application and database performance management
  • protection of key business information resources






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Concept Data SA

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office: +48 22 6887373

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Chłodna office


ul. Chłodna 51
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