An employee’s computer in a confrontation with a cybercriminal. How to make company devices and data secure?


Employees have come to enjoy remote work. However, home office is both convenient and risky. The number of cyberattacks is growing and hackers unscrupulously take advantage of the fact that...

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A safe employee, a safe company. How to improve the quality of hybrid work and to secure data?


Zero Trust, preventing data leakage and combating cybercriminals are things that businesses do on a daily basis. However, new features protecting from hackers, though indispensable from the company’s perspective, can...

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Shadow IT – a loophole for cybercriminals, a problem for businesses


Data shared by Microsoft indicate that 80% of employees use applications that have not been approved and secured by the IT department. For this reason, shadow IT is becoming a...

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Identity and Access Management specialists wanted!


Concept Data specialises in the fields of cybersecurity related to digital identity management, access and protection of key business information resources, automation of business processes and the application and database...

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Concept Data once more with the title of SailPoint Delivery Admiral EMEA


Concept Data’s team was once again recognised by its key technology partner, SailPoint, for the implementation of advanced projects related to identity management.   SailPoint appreciated the competences of the...

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BMC Helix. Effective management of modern IT infrastructure


Today, more than ever before, technologies drive business and transform the way companies operate. The expanding IT environment helps in running a business, but it also requires special care and...

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CIAM – how to ensure the ease of use and data security


Today, enterprises develop and offer their customers and partners more and more applications and systems that require logging in. However, users appreciate ease and convenience. They do not want to...

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Three challenges for Service Desks. How to support IT departments, employees and customers?


The workloads of IT Service Management Departments keep increasing. The pandemic and the resultant massive shift to remote work, the progressing digitalization of companies and the widespread use of the...

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Imperva SONAR – a new dimension of data analysis and security


According to the IDC report (“Worldwide Global DataSphere Forecast”), the global amount of data will reach 180 zettabytes in 2025. This is mainly due to companies which generate new data...

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Safeguards which understand the user. CyberArk Identity Adaptive MFA


It is beyond any doubt that secure access to data, applications and systems from any device or place around the globe is today a necessity in every enterprise. More and...

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