The top partner status in CyberArk technologies


Concept Data was awarded the top partner status – Advanced – in the area of CyberArk technologies. Our team was recognised for its competences, experience and outstanding professionalism in implementation...

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Secure access to data – why is it so important now and how to implement it in a business setting?


The term “cloud computing” was first used in 1996. 3 years later Salesforce, as the first company in the world, provided an application that could be used over the Internet....

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Secure cloud – controlling privileges via CyberArk Cloud Entitlements Manager


Enterprises tend to move data to the cloud more and more frequently. How about the security of such data? The Sophos Report (The State of Cloud Security 2020) shows that...

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Concept Data among the most effective partners of SailPoint


SailPoint awarded Concept Data the title of SailPoint Delivery Admirals in appreciation of the team’s competences and experience in implementing identity management solutions and successful collaboration with customers in 2020....

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Secure DevOps environment. Benefits of implementing CyberArk Dynamic Access Provider


The DevOps methodology has been gaining more and more followers, both among big corporations and small IT businesses. By combining strict collaboration of developers and administrators as well as through...

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Secure access to company data. How to facilitate remote work, protect resources and support IT departments?


Recent months have seen a great rise in the popularity of remote work and of applications supporting it. But at the same time the number of cyberattacks has increased too....

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How can one protect privileged accounts against hackers? CyberArk DNA will help


Cybercriminals get through to sensitive business information in many different ways. Sometimes they use privileged accounts. Such accounts allow them to grant themselves additional privileges within IT systems. That is...

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The IAM systems. Agile business that is secure, employee-friendly and in line with regulations


Remote work requires special control over when and who has access to the company’s internal systems. Enterprises face a new challenge consisting in the remote management of employees. How can...

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If not VPN, then what? The undeniable benefits of Zero Trust solutions


New challenges result from remote work that many company have chosen due to the COVID-19 situation. It also pertains to the key business information resources. How can one securely access...

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IT under constant supervision – 5 adventages of BMC Discovery


Today, companies must rely on digital technologies in their operations. It means that the business IT environments grow in complexity. Physical servers, applications, services, the cloud, databases and hardware are...

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