Closer collaboration with Gigamon

Concept Data completed an implementation of the solutions from its technology partner, Gigamon, in a large organization and decided to extend the collaboration with this producer. As a result, Concept Data will offer solutions for network traffic management also in a hybrid environment.


The level of network complexity and sophistication in businesses and organization is changing rapidly. This includes the number of connections and their diversity. A hybrid environment which combines physical platforms, virtual machines and cloud-based solutions is fast becoming a contemporary standard. The maintenance and protection of such environments require specific mechanisms of analysis.


Concept Data offers the Gigamon Visibility Platform which is a series of solutions enabling efficient management of network traffic that gets directed to the security analysis. We tested these devices with one of our customers and we are very happy about the results. The benefits that can be gained include better performance, cost optimisation and enhanced security. We will capitalise on the experience from this project in our next implementations, says Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


The platform created by Gigamon also supports security departments where the tasks are constantly evolving.
The number of new and dynamically changing threats forced a shift in the approach to security which is now more of a process than a condition. In this particular area, you also must remember about the significance of norms and regulations such as the GDPR or the act on the national cybersecurity system, says Anna Armata, Cybersecurity Consultant at Concept Data. Gigamon’s solutions meet these challenges head on. They are located between the network layer and the analysis layer, which allows to get down to the traffic at sensitive points in the network and forward it for further analysis.


By using the Gigamon solutions in their networks, companies can avoid such problems as lacking points and performance when copying the traffic, the right number of interfaces in the analytic system, the efficiency of the analyser or the comparisons of the analytic systems. They improve the analysis effectiveness and save time.
Gigamon has been on the market since 2014 and it provides solutions to all sectors, including finance and technology. The products by Gigamon are used in more than 75% of the Fortune 100 companies.


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