Competences of Concept Data in data protection have been recognised and appreciated!

Concept Data started collaborating with Imperva, the global leader in data protection, in 2017. Today, following the continually growing competences of the team and business activities in the local market, it is awarded the status of Imperva Silver Partner for 2020.


Imperva was established in 2000 and has been developing solutions for the protection of cloud applications, web applications, key databases, files and Big Data repositories. The company’s systems provide the largest manufacturers with such features as safeguards against attacks, monitoring and database audits. They also ensure the proper implementation and compliance with security policies.


Importantly, they also control privileged users who gain direct access to the server as well as unprivileged users who connect with the server via various applications.


We have been witnessing spectacular data leaks more and more often. Millions of records containing sensitive data are captured by unauthorised persons, resulting in financial losses and damage to reputation. Entrepreneurs are well aware that database protection must be ensured. The partnership with Imperva gives us the opportunity to offer effective solutions and give advice on data security in line with the latest standards, says Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


Imperva has been collaborating with businesses all around the globe. It has developed a multi-level partnership program which gives them access to the newest Imperva solutions, knowledge, know-how, training and certificates. Concept Data has just reached the higher silver partner status which confirms our extensive knowledge about information security and detailed familiarity with the solutions offered by Imperva.


Imperva’s ambition is to free its customers from the dilemma of choosing between the implementation of new technologies and the protection of their businesses. Our thinking goes along these very lines. That is why we offer the Polish customers the solutions from the portfolio of this producer, since they enable protection of data and applications in all kinds of environment, be it local, cloud-based or hybrid, adds Krzysztof Andrian. We are glad that our activity in educating entrepreneurs about effective data protection has been recognised by Imperva.


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