Concept Data among the most effective partners of SailPoint

SailPoint awarded Concept Data the title of SailPoint Delivery Admirals in appreciation of the team’s competences and experience in implementing identity management solutions and successful collaboration with customers in 2020.


SailPoint, the producer of Identity Access Management (IAM) systems, regularly recognises the most active partners worldwide with the title of SailPoint Delivery Admirals. This year’s awards are particularly significant, since the role of digital identity management solutions has increased in recent months.


The pandemic and the remote/hybrid work models accentuated the importance of using adequate tools that protect the access to company resources. As from March 2020, enterprises had to reorganise their operations by implementing out-of-office work in whole or in part. That is a huge change, especially than no one had the time to prepare for this shift. Companies quickly recognised that working from home leads to the risk of sensitive data leaks. Connections to databases from improperly secured devices as well as weak, rarely changed passwords used in multiple applications open the company gates to cyberattacks, explains Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


It is easier to ensure digital security for teams working on the company premises, on devices controlled by the IT department and within a secured network. When employees are outside this environment, problems begin. It then become advisable to use tools which will provide secure access to company databases and enable continuous monitoring of who views sensitive information and what is done with this information.


Remote work has shown how important it is to control who has access to what. It is not only about granting privileges, but also their automatic revoking when employees no longer need them, e.g. when they change the job position or leave the company. The goal is to avoid situations when one person has to much access to sensitive information. If such a person’s credential leak out, the successful cybercriminal will get inside multiple databases containing key information, adds Krzysztof Andrian.


The IAM systems support companies in securing data, commencement and termination of collaboration with employees and contractors as well as business management. They enable definition of user roles within the organisation, assignment of privileges to job positions and groups as well as continuous monitoring of who has access to key company resources on what principles. They help in detection of irregularities, e.g. unusual behaviours in the system or situations when a person gets access to a company resource against the internal policies and rules.


Importantly, systems designed by SailPoint support the recruitment process in the dispersed work mode. They make it possible to efficiently grant adequate access and automate training assignments. They coordinate the collection of all necessary permissions, authorizations and confirmations for the purpose of accessing various resources. They provide quick and automated distribution of login credentials for systems, e-mail services and documents. Once the collaboration is terminated, they will automatically revoke and block all of the employee’s privileges of access to



The IAM solutions play a special role in business management, which has been duly noticed by numerous entrepreneurs who have converted their operations to the remote work system in recent months. No wonder that the interest in SailPoint solutions that we offer has increased. We are very happy that our technology partner has appreciated the activities of Concept Data’s team regarding the implementation of the IAM systems and market education, concludes Krzysztof Andrian.


Concept Data has been collaborating with SailPoint since 2017. The company experts regularly participate in training courses, workshops and certification meetings organised by the producer in order to gain new knowledge and competences in the area of the Identity Access Management systems.


We will gladly tell you more about the possibilities provided by SailPoint solutions. Feel free to contact us!


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