Concept Data and SailPoint talk about managing access to key information resources in banks

The representatives of Concept Data and its technology partner, SailPoint, took part in the conference on “Bank Customer Service – AI and Security”, organized by the Polish Institute for Business Development (PIRB). They made a joint presentation about protecting key information resources and the automation of access management.


Key business information is a true treasure for each enterprise, since it supports the competitive advantage. Protection of such information must be a priority. However, the current digital transformation makes the amount of data, applications and users grow. It follows that companies have to be even more careful in granting privileges and access to specific collections of data or systems. It is time-consuming and prone to errors.


We must bear in mind that anyone who logs into a system gets access to data in this system. In the case of many institutions, such as banks, such data are extremely sensitive. Unauthorized persons must not view or, to make it even worse, copy such data. Especially in large and dispersed organizations, high standards of granting and verifying privileges are absolutely necessary, says Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


Identity & Access Management solutions help in controlling the availability of key information resources. Companies can grant and revoke access to applications in a quicker and more efficient manner, no matter if it is the access by employees, customers or partners. Enterprises save time and get informed about any unauthorized activities in this area.


State-of-the-art systems for access management, such as those offered by our technology partner SailPoint, are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It means they can identify suspicious user activities and even predict them based on the pattern of actions of a specific person or a group of users and any deviations from that pattern. As a result, they can alarm the administrator and prevent abuses, adds Krzysztof Andrian. Such capabilities of the IAM systems seemed most attractive to the participants of the conference on “Bank Customer Service – AI and Security”. They also appreciated the fact that the use of such solutions enables the compliance with regulations and audit recommendations.


The IAM systems optimize business processes, i.e. they enhance speed, reliability and automation.
The conference on “Bank Customer Service – AI and Security” was held in Warsaw on 18 September 2019. Its expert partner was SailPoint.


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