Concept Data partners with Blue Coat

Concept Data signed a partnership agreement with Blue Coat, a company specializing in network security. It is the first partnership that covers products protecting the security of users, networks and cloud solutions.


Blue Coat is the leading provider of devices safeguarding content and applications in networks. It offers hardware solutions and software optimizing the communications between users and applications. Blue Coat delivers smart devices and technologies which ensure cloud security and protection against cyberthreats.


Cybercrime is becoming a huge problem faced by enterprises and public institutions. A successful hacking attack is not only a technological issue, since it causes measurable losses in terms of finances and reputation. We want to help our business partners protect their most precious assets, including data and trade secrets. That is why we have included Blue Coat solutions in our offer, says Krzysztof Andrian, President of the Management Board at Concept Data.


Blue Coat devices are known as a dual-use technology, since they can act as defences of both corporate networks and government institutions by monitoring the public traffic on the Internet. The solutions can decrypt encrypted communication, block websites and record the traffic on any given website.


In June 2016, Blue Coat was acquired by Symantec.


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