IAM systems – not only for the big fish. Impressions after the Technical Skill Camp

Concept Data, as the leading partner of SailPoint, took part in the Technical Skill Camp in Frankfurt, held by the provider of the IAM solutions. The conclusions from talks and presentations are clear: efficient and effective management of access and privileges is one of the cornerstones of security systems.


Technical Skill Camp is a conference dedicated to SailPoint’s partners and devoted to the topic of digital identity. The October meeting was held in Germany and it focused on new technological opportunities in this area, including those the respond to the needs of small and medium enterprises.


One of the toughest problems that SailPoint’s partners, including us, meet every day is that the companies have no awareness of the products they can actually use. The truth is that to many entrepreneurs the IAM systems seem a very expensive solution which takes a lot of time and even more money to implement. The result of this misconception is that only large enterprises choose such systems, says Adam Królewicz, Junior IAM Consultant at Concept Data. In fact, the IAM solutions are within the reach of all companies. That is why you need to inform and convince potential customers. Otherwise, they might ignore the topic of identity management and run the risk of data leakage, attacks and unauthorized access to key business information.


Speakers and organizers put a great emphasis on new technologies for identity management, including IdentityNow and IdentityAI. The latter product uses artificial intelligence in the analysis and decision-making processes, which makes it all a lot easier to users, especially if they are not familiar with the whole area of privileges, and it reinforces the system security. Importantly, this solution is at an early stage of development, but it can already offer useful and time-saving functions.


The identity management projects are the future of many, if not all enterprises. Based on my own experiences and those of other participants in Technical Skill Camp, I can say the sooner professional advisers enter the stage, the better it is for the organization’s process of transition, says Krzysztof Bicz, IAM Consultant at Concept Data. It is also important which solutions are actually implemented. SailPoint’s products, especially IdentityIQ, get really high scores from Gartner, Forrester or KuppingerCole. In their reports, SailPoint is the market leader.


Partners from many European countries, including the DACH market, Poland and Hungary, talked about new solutions from SailPoint’s portfolio in Frankfurt. The speakers focused on the size of the IDM service market, the approach to implementation, generating the business value by IdentityIQ and the role of the cloud.


Innovative solutions such as IdentityNow and IdentityAI show how much effort is put by SailPoint into product development as well as the maverick approach to the market and the customers’ need. We are happy that Concept Data can share these achievements with Polish enterprises, sums up Adam Królewicz.


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