Imperva SONAR – a new dimension of data analysis and security

According to the IDC report (“Worldwide Global DataSphere Forecast”), the global amount of data will reach 180 zettabytes in 2025. This is mainly due to companies which generate new data faster than consumers do. Each year, information stored in the cloud increases by 36%. How to manage, secure, interpret and use dispersed company data for business operations? Various IT solutions can prove helpful. One of them is Imperva SONAR.


A growing number of data results in new challenges for companies. They need to understand what happens to these resources, where they are stored, who has access to them and how they are used.


The pandemic quickened the digital transformation by at least several years. Companies are now more willing to use the cloud and the mass storage on a much wider scale. Today data are practically everywhere: on company servers, in cloud-based services and in the hands of external companies. They can have different formats: they are structured, partly structured or raw. In many cases these are sensitive data which require special protection, explains Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


The trick is to manage the data, but also to gain insights, draw conclusions and use the possibilities hidden in the data. Technologies can help.


Understanding data


The Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) systems have been on the market for years. They serve to monitor and analyse the activity in databases.


The Imperva DAM solution which is included in our offer enables detection of locations in the company IT environment where confidential data are stored and determination of databases with gaps in safeguards. It assists in managing access and policies, it shows who has access to what data and informs about unusual user behaviours, alerting the administrator in case of any anomalies, says Krzysztof Andrian.


But this is still not enough to protect data and use their potential. In the face of constantly expanding company infrastructure, it is important to know where the data are stored, it is important to monitor and alert, but what also matters is quick response and extensive automation.


In order to address the current needs of many companies, Imperva launched the SONAR platform which provides a new set of features meeting the requirements with respect to protected databases, data collection, reporting, management and automation. Imperva SONAR can be seamlessly integrated with the existing Imperva DAM environment, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) and considerably increasing the capabilities of the environment, adds Krzysztof Andrian.


Imperva SONAR – full control from one location


The new platform from Imperva is a solution designed for security departments, monitoring teams and SOC (Security Operations Centres). SONAR aggregates and segregates data from multiple sources in real time. They can be local sources, cloud-based sources, the existing Imperva Gateway devices, and third-party products (including competitors’ products). The platform provides one shared environment regardless of where the company are actually stored. SONAR works with more than 65 database types, including all top cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake and MongoDB Atlas.


Data coming from these sources are displayed on one console with a clear layout. Thus SONAR allows to create a convenient command centre where all information is present on an ongoing basis.


This really makes life easier for administrators. In the standard Imperva DAM solution, reports on database activity are generated at a specific time. They include only the information coming from the Imperva tools. Meanwhile, SONAR monitors and analyses all databases and the reports are generated in real time, so teams can work faster and respond to any anomalies immediately, concludes Krzysztof Andrian.


Business benefits of Imperva SONAR


The features of the SONAR platform improve the team’s performance and efficiency, which results in easily noticeable business benefits.


Cost reduction


Since SONAR combines the cloud and the on-premise environment, the company does not have to pay for two separate licences. As a result, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is reduced.


More effective teams


Imperva SONAR saves time, that is for sure. Since administrators have all data in one location, they do not have to spend their precious time switching between different source and comparing information.


Work automation


SONAR enables the automation of manual processes such as reporting deviations, reviewing privileges and reconciling change requests. Built-in work-flow mechanisms and contextual enrichment automatically organise multi-stage operations and direct actions, so all requests are handled without the administrator’s participation. This reduces the consumption of time and resources.


Access to audit data in real time


SONAR provides access to historical data in real time. Therefore, there is no need for separate archiving or audit data retrieving. The costs and the time of audits are consequently reduced.


Enhanced security


The improved control over data enables immediate detection of errors and threats as well as the implementation of remedial mechanisms. As a result, the security of the company and its key information resources is enhanced.


The SONAR platform provides extended visibility of what happens to the company data as well as improved access to information, analyses and reports, all in real time and in one location. The work automation results in better team performance and it also saves both time and money.


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