Remote work which is secure and effective. What tools to choose?


The threats caused by COVID-19 have made many companies switch over to remote work. The survey conducted in April 2020 by Nationale-Nederlanden says that 25% of the respondents would like...

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Identity Management – 3 key implementation values for management boards and large organisations


The Identity Access Management (IAM) systems bring numerous benefits to employees, department heads, system administrators and HR divisions. But they also help management boards in effective operation, which is often...

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Rethink cybersecurity – the Zero Trust evolution


The latest studies leave no room for doubt: employees circumvent security systems in order to work in a faster and more convenient way. Can it be prevented? And how? The...

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Competences of Concept Data in data protection have been recognised and appreciated!


Concept Data started collaborating with Imperva, the global leader in data protection, in 2017. Today, following the continually growing competences of the team and business activities in the local market,...

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The Silver Partner SailPoint status for Concept Data


Concept Data has reached the highest status in the SailPoint partnership program. The Silver Partner Status is awarded to enterprises which have built a strong team specialising in SailPoint technologies...

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A new solution for companies hiring external contractors


CyberArk, a technology partner of Concept Data, acquired Alero and included the company’s solutions in its portfolio. How will the users benefit? First of all, it will be much easier...

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The end of compromise on traffic collection, data anonymization and decryption of SSL – how Gigamon can suprise you


A mature tool that helps you solve problems which have seemed unresolvable – that is how you can describe the Gigamon platform in one sentence, based on the opinions of...

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IAM systems – not only for the big fish. Impressions after the Technical Skill Camp


Concept Data, as the leading partner of SailPoint, took part in the Technical Skill Camp in Frankfurt, held by the provider of the IAM solutions. The conclusions from talks and...

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Invitation to technology breakfast


Concept Data invites representatives of network and security departments as well as IT director to the technology breakfast: “5 surprising uses of packet brokers that everyone should know”. The goal...

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Concept Data and SailPoint talk about managing access to key information resources in banks


The representatives of Concept Data and its technology partner, SailPoint, took part in the conference on “Bank Customer Service – AI and Security”, organized by the Polish Institute for Business...

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