On security policies during Tufinnovate

As the key partner of Tufin, Concept Data took part in the Tufinnovate conference in Lisbon. It is a cyclic event devoted to management of security policies and the hybrid environment security.


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Tufin’s experts, the company’s partners and the users of its solutions gathered in Lisbon. The conferences focused on the challenges related to the security of the increasingly extensive company networks.


The greatest value of meeting other partners and Tufin’s specialists is the huge amount of real-life examples and best practices used in security policy management by the largest organizations around the globe. By discussing specific cases, we learn more about the business needs of enterprises and the cybersecurity problems they face today. This makes us better prepared to support the in combating and preventing threats, says Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data.


A special guest in Lisbon was Keren Elazari, a former hacker, now a cybersecurity expert who spoke about her vision of the future of the security sector and the role played by expanded ecosystems in the fight against cyberattacks.


Concept Data offers security management solutions from Tufin Technologies that enable enhanced control over the infrastructure of IT security features. They allow for quick changes in the security policy, effective risk management as well as continuous verification and supervision of the expanding sets of rules.


Today, the management of IT security infrastructure is a serious challenge. Company networks grow and encompass physical devices as well as the cloud. This means more rules, policies and objects. And a growing team of administrators as well. And a growing danger of errors and vulnerabilities which can be exploited by cybercriminals. To avoid them, you need automation tools that monitor and report changes in real time. Such tools are provided by Tufin, adds Krzysztof Andrian.


The solutions by Tufin are used by international financial organizations, banks, pharmaceutical companies, telecom operators and government agencies.


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