Application and database performance

Every enterprise has an IT infrastructure. The larger the organization, the more complex is the infrastructure. It comprises devices, applications and systems used by the company, including databases, e-mail systems and accounting applications. Administrators make sure that all these operate smoothly. That is why they continually monitor memory usage, CPU load etc.


For the administrators to quickly respond to any performance issue, they have to receive a relevant notification of troubles along with the information on the exact whereabouts of the irregularity. The advanced IT tools assist employees responsible for the IT infrastructure in managing it, detecting errors and fixing them automatically. This allows the administrators to quickly and effectively locate the bottleneck and eliminate the problem which disrupts the operation of applications, systems and devices.

The solutions offered by Concept Data enable:

Application performance management

These solutions support the provision of effective applications in a shorter time. They allow to see what happens in the applications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They work in the following way: Note. Find. Fix. Done. They capture errors and help to eliminate them instantly. As a result, administrators needn’t guess what is wrong. They can identify the problem right away and introduce relevant patches so that the error does not come back.

Such tools save time and money and they also reduce stress. They allow to see the user’s problem from the inside of the application structure with only a few clicks.


End user monitoring

These solutions enable constant monitoring of how the applications works from the user perspective. The analysis of the application’s operation from the vantage point of the people who actually use it helps to get the accurate picture of the application in the eye of the end customer (be they employees or customers outside the company). This knowledge translates directly into business. Enterprises know which technical problems affect the quality of the user service and what causes them. They can immediately fix the things which fail and dissatisfy the users of the application.

Additionally, such systems provide administrators with complete information on issues along with their context. Reports on failures indicate what interrupted an application.


Optimization of database performance

The unique solutions ensuring the effective optimization of the Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database performance. They allow for extremely precise monitoring of this parameter and detecting bottlenecks that can be eliminated. They measure the exact time of each process in a database and compare the completion plans for problematic SQL queries.


The solutions analyse database parameters which are checked every 15 minutes and give accurate information on any performance issues. In consequence, administrators can solve such problems with surgical precision, adjusting only those SQL queries which actually generate troubles.


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