Digital identity management

Today each organization, a large one in particular, faces the challenge to efficiently grant and revoke the privileges of employees, collaborators and customers regarding the access to corporate resources, applications, internal systems and, thereby, to information. Such information is often sensitive or constitutes a trade secret. It is essential for every enterprise to grant and manage privileges in line with business needs because of two key reasons: corporate security and employee management.


The privilege granting processes are supported by the advanced IAM (Identity and Access Management) systems which allow companies to save time and money designated to administrative work, while also increasing the level of corporate security and control.

The solutions offered by Concept Data enable:

Certification of access privileges and their compliance with security policies

The IAM systems ensure uninterrupted control of employee access privileges and their adjustment to employee duties, procedures and policies.


Automation of processes related to employee recruitment, delegation, dismissal and transfer

Advanced solutions help companies manage the entire process of employment and changes of job positions. The mechanisms of active control make sure that employees have only those access privileges they actually need.


Management of passwords in an organization, generating, changing and resetting passwords, enforcing strong passwords

The IAM solutions enable global password management. They allow to change or reset business user passwords as well as to generate passwords for new accounts and define policies that comply with corporate requirements.


Single Sign-On providing access to multiple services

Single Sign-On is a solution which enables access to all authorized resources after entering one password to any business service of an organization. Thus, users can avoid multiple sign-ons to the various systems they use. If a potential threat is detected, the solution automatically activates additional authentication channels and minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.


Generating reports on the current status of user privileges and violations of policies and regulations

The IAM systems enable real-time monitoring of changes in user privileges, estimating risk related to the granted access privileges and identification of security policy breaches. The periodic reports include e.g. the actual status of employee privileges, accounts without identified owners, high-risk identities and violated policies.


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