Security policy management

The IT infrastructure of each enterprise consists of multiple devices which need proper safeguards so that hackers do not use them to access internal corporate resources. The configuration of such elements as routers, switches and firewalls usually follows specific security rules. All deviations from these rules should be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Medium and large enterprises experience frequent changes in the configuration of security features. Such changes are made by different administrators. The resulting gaps in security policies and compliance with such policies can be exploited by cybercriminals. The errors that go unnoticed by administrators, missing updates to policies regarding old devices and services or temporary modifications to configuration standards which are then not revoked expose companies to attacks and resulting losses.


How can we assess whether the policies deployed in a company are correct and do not threaten the IT security? Can we make only such changes which are necessary, correct and pose no harm to the enterprise? Tools to manage security policies will come in useful.

Such tools offered by Concept Data enable:

Auditing changes in managing security features

The tools monitor and report all changes in real time and ensure accurate accountability.


Optimization of security policies

The cutting-edge systems increase the performance of safeguards and eliminate the need to buy new equipment.


Sealing of the safeguard system configuration

By indicating superfluous rules and devices, the solutions eliminate potential gaps and vulnerabilities in security rules.


Risk analysis, business continuity and compliances with rules

Complex simulations and risk analyses prevent interruptions in the operation of servers. They indicate potential threats and ensure compliances with the rules implemented by the enterprise.


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