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Concept Data is a technology partner of large and recognized players on the IT market. We have earned the trust of BMC Software (business process automation, the Control-M platform), SailPoint (digital identity management), Imperva (monitoring and protection of databases and web applications), Tufin (security policy management) and Symantec (BlueCoat) (security incident management) among others.


Owing to the close collaboration with such companies, we have access to state-of-the-art technology, training, information on new products and the global collection of best practices. This precious know-how makes us efficient consultants to each and every customer.


The SailPoint platform is the leading enterprise solution for comprehensive identity management. It allows for visibility and supervision of employee access to information, systems and applications via the centralized system of privilege control. It enables preventive actions to raise the level of corporate security. It provides tools to analyse and audit privileges. Benefits:


  • The availability of privileges based on business-friendly roles
  • Automation and freedom in building access management processes
  • The use of analysis tools to determine the risk level of applications and identities
  • Automated certifications enabling the access overview and the update of privileges
  • The audit mechanism which allows to store the identity history and its access-related activity
  • The option to configure security policies and regulations related to mutual interaction of access and privileges


The implementation of these platform functions supports the work of administrators and considerably reduces the risk of hazardous situations resulting from excessive privileges of end users, while also enabling the organization of privilege separation.




CyberArk offers solutions for the protection of IT systems against targeted attacks by cybercriminals. It focuses on securing crucial business resources, in particular on the privileged access management.


The company’s portfolio includes technologies for the administration of privileged users’ passwords in operating systems, applications and network devices. CyberArk records and monitors the sessions of privileged users and manages the levels of user rights in such operating systems as Windows and Linux.


CyberArk Alero, in its turn, provides easy, quick and secure access to key enterprise resources by external employees and organisations. It eliminates the use of passwords and VPN channels and it introduces multi-factor authentication based on dynamically generated QR codes and biometrics. Thanks to this module, the user authentication becomes easy and secure, while the CyberArk platform provides full visibility of the user activity: it records sessions and generates alarms in the event of unusual or unwanted actions.


Imperva offers solutions designed to protect, monitor and audit databases of top manufacturers such as: Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM. The company’s solutions ensure comprehensive database safeguarding, including detection of sensitive data, prevention of data leakage (e.g. due to unauthorized access) and protection from vulnerabilities.


They also control privileged users who gain direct access to the server and unprivileged users who connect with the server via various applications. The solutions monitor database responses to queries in the context of confidential information leakage and security breaches. They constitute a valuable source of information about who used database resources and how.


Tufin provides its customers with security management solutions. They allow companies to increase their control over the infrastructure of IT security features. These are comprehensive tools which automate network changes and ensure compliances with security policies and industry standards. By using advanced analytic and automating technologies, Tufin enables efficient management of modification processes in the network and application layers.


The built-in control mechanisms allow to define and enforce security policies such as granting access to a given service or performing periodic certification campaigns.


This technology makes it possible to automate the acceptance of the effective security policies. It is done by collecting data at the network and application level, creating interdependencies and connections between the infrastructure and the target application and ensuring uninterrupted communication along this line.




The BMC Control-M platform:


  • Automates business processes regardless of the platform, relieving the end user of the heavy burden of the system knowledge. Allows to focus on the final effect, i.e. performance of the process in line with the adopted SLA (Service Level Agreement).
  • Monitors business processes and notifies of errors.
  • Enables integration of various systems and applications at the API (Application Programming Interface) level.
  • Allows for the global visibility of file transfer in complex distributed systems.
  • Includes modules which facilitate integrations with various advanced technologies (Hadoop, SAP, Databases, Cloud etc.).


Symantec (Blue Coat)

Symantec’s offer comprises systems originally developed by Blue Coat which was acquired by Symantec in 2016. The company is the leading provider of devices which safeguard content and applications in networks, including hardware solutions and software to optimise the communication between users and applications. These technologies ensure protection against cyberthreats and cloud security.


Blue Coat devices are known as a dual-use technology, since they can act as defences of both corporate networks and government institutions by monitoring the public traffic on the Internet. These solution decrypt encrypted communication, block websites and record the traffic on any given website.




Gigamon is a manufacturer of solutions which ensure full visibility of the network traffic in physical, virtual and cloud environments. The information about packets in the organization’s network is crucial for the correct operation of the analyst systems in the scope of performance checks, ensuring safety or compliance with standards and regulations. In each case, Gigamon enhances the analyzer efficiency and the safety level. It also enables cost optimization.

Gigamon Visibility Platform:


  • Eliminates weak SPAN ports by replacing them with taps which allow to collect traffic from any point, without any limitations and with no impact on the network operation.
  • Uses smart brokers which capture the traffic from the taps and filter it before sending only the demanded traffic to the analyst system. It improves the performance and extends the life cycle of the systems.
  • By using a tap on the LAN it gets a copy of the traffic without waiting for the maintenance window. The addition of a packet broker enables distribution of the same traffic sample to multiple systems at the same time. It considerably reduces the time of testing the systems and makes it possible to compare their performance and efficiency with competitive solutions.
  • Provides inline bypass mechanisms which ensure uninterrupted network operation and enables sending the traffic to multiple inline system simultaneously, which eliminates the flaws of serial implementation and delays that can be harmful to business.
  • Enables removal of duplicated packets, thereby reducing the load on analyzers.
  • Enables traffic decryption, so it is no longer necessary to deal with encrypted traffic separately on each analyzer.



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