The Silver Partner SailPoint status for Concept Data

Concept Data has reached the highest status in the SailPoint partnership program. The Silver Partner Status is awarded to enterprises which have built a strong team specialising in SailPoint technologies and demonstrating unique competences and certificates.


Concept Data became the SailPoint partner at the beginning of 2017. Since then it has been a regular participant in sales meetings, training courses and conferences organised by this producer of the IAM solutions. At the same time, it has been extending the team of experts in access and identity management as well as implementing the SailPoint solutions for a growing number of customers. This strategy has proved efficient in no time. At the last year’s meeting of business partners, Concept Data was awarded the status of SailPoint’s key European partner. At the beginning of 2020, it was included in the prestigious group of Silver Partners. There are only a few companies in the EMEA region which received this distinction.


The new partnership status is first of all the confirmation of our competences in terms of digital identity management. IAM solutions play a significant role in our portfolio. In the era of the constantly increasing value and amount of data used by businesses and the growing number of cyberattacks and key information leaks, there is nothing more important and necessary than ensuring secure and controlled access to systems, applications and databases, says Krzysztof Andrian, CEO at Concept Data. As we speak with our customers whom we provide with SailPoint solutions, we observe a growing awareness of this fact among senior managers. We are glad that thanks to our close collaboration with SailPoint and all the related training and certificates we are able to offer Polish enterprises the experience-based knowledge about key data protection along with the effective and leading solution for such protection.


Through the participation in the SailPoint partnership program, experts at Concept Data gain access to the product updates, case studies and worldwide good practices. They attend regular training courses and follow certification paths. As a result, Concept Data has extended the team of people with the top SailPoint certificate, i.e. SailPoint Engineer, which confirms high qualifications in the area of digital identity management. Concept Data’s specialist also have the opportunity to share their experience with teams from other partners of SailPoint.


The expanding scope of collaboration with this producer of the IAM solutions allows us to constantly update our knowledge about identity management and make use of practical business examples. Based on this insight, we can approach our customers in the capacity of advisers and consultants, suggesting the ways to optimise their IT infrastructure in order to gain the greatest benefits, adds Krzysztof Andrian.


SailPoint Technologies has been operating since 2005. Its IAM systems enable high-level continuous IT security in organizations, reducing the risk of attacks that exploit illegally gained access.


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